Most Effective Diabetes prevention measures |Diabetes prevention 2021

Diabetes prevention |diabetes prevention type 2 |diabetes prevention measures

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is called the ‘silent killer’. Although it is not completely preventable, it can be prolonged and the severity of physical ailments caused by diabetes can be reduced. For this, it is necessary to create awareness about diabetes.

The World Health Organization has predicted that India will have the highest number of diabetics by 2025. The main reason for this is the rapidly changing lifestyle of people from countries like US India in the last 40-50 years! We can try to control diabetes to some extent. US also has very high burden of diabetes.

It was previously thought that the disease was found only in rich, high-class urban people. But the current survey has found that the prevalence of diabetes is also very high among rural, hardworking, and even tribal people.

So it should be noted that the problem of diabetes is ubiquitous. The main problem about this disorder is that it is also increasing in young people.

Most Effective Diabetes prevention measures |Diabetes prevention |Diabetes prevention type 2

These are the causes of diabetes and Diabetes prevention measures

1. Heredity – Heredity is considered to be one of the leading causes of diabetes. Genetics does not play a role in childhood diabetes, but in adult diabetes does.

Therefore, every adult should  check his blood sugar frequently to make sure that he is not diabetic. Although statistics are not accurate, a child with a diabetic parent  has a 50 percent chance of developing diabetes, while if both parents have diabetes then there is 75 percent chance of developing diabetes.

If diabetes starts in the 14 year in the previous generation, the next generation is more likely to get diabetes in the 13 year.

2. Low birth weight – Babies who are born underweight are more likely to develop diabetes, heart disease, etc. later in life than babies of the right weight. Also, the fetus of malnourished mothers carry more risk of diabetes.

3. Obesity – Although heredity is a major cause of diabetes, Obesity is closely linked to adult diabetes.

4. Diet – Excessive calorie intake in people leads to obesity and increases the risk of diabetes, while malnutrition in poor, aged people, especially in old age, leads to insufficient protein supply.

There is a misconception that eating sweets causes diabetes. Some people even turn off sugar in their tea for fear of diabetes. It doesn’t have to be like the same. However, if a person with diabetes in his family eats too much sweets, he will get tired quickly due to stress on the pancreas. So avoid overeating.

5. Stress – Prolonged stress disturbs the balance of hormones in the body. This can wake up the dormant diabetic. Family problems, serious illness at home, unrealistic ambitions increase stress. Frequent prolonged stress can lead to diabetes.

6) Lifestyle – We can have some control over things like obesity, eating habits, peace of mind, work habits. All of this results in a way of life. It is important to keep diabetes away. Nowadays, people do not like simple food like, bread, rice and vegetables. Pav-bhaji, bhaji-vade, farsan, (indian fast foods)ice cream, cheese-butter, soft drinks, hotel food have increased in the diet.

If these habits are started from childhood, extra calories go into the stomach year by year. However, with sanitary lifestyle in adulthood, work is reduced and  This leads to obesity. It is followed by diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

From this consideration, it can be seen that although diabetes cannot be completely prevented, it can be prolonged and the severity of physical damage caused by diabetes can be reduced. For this, it is necessary to create awareness about diabetes. But there is no solid program for diabetes by the health department.

For this, the health department needs to make separate provision for diabetes. If not, the World Health Organization’s predictions are likely to come true. Everyone should make serious efforts to prevent diabetes Diabetes prevention measures at the individual and family level without waiting for the government to do anything.

Most Effective Diabetes prevention measures |Diabetes prevention |Diabetes prevention type 2

Diabetes prevention measures   (Diabetes prevention type 2)

Change your lifestyle

Sometimes, small changes can make a big difference. Lifestyle intervention (change) is the best example to prevent diabetes. Numerous studies on diabetes prevention programs have proven that diabetes can be effectively prevented by adopting healthy changes, rather than a sedentary lifestyle.

Eat healthy diet for diabetes

Eat a low calorie, especially low saturated fat diet. Tests have shown that fat intake should not exceed 30 percent of total calorie intake while saturated fat should be restricted to just 10 percent. Include Green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, dairy products and sources of omega-3 fats. Also, increase your fiber intake.

Limit your food

How much you eat and when you eat is very important. Dividing food throughout the day reduces the risk of obesity and diabetes. Eating food in proportion and portions will definitely prove useful. Irregularities in eating patterns can also lead to drastic changes in blood sugar levels.

Be physically active

The best way to stay healthy is to exercise. It not only prevents diabetes but also has a positive effect on your overall health. You will feel very refreshed and energetic.
People who are overweight and obese should include exercise in their daily activities. 30 minutes of exercise, be it aerobics, simple activities like dancing, tennis, walking, reduces your risk of diabetes / type 2 diabetes by 30 percent.

If you find it difficult to get time to exercise, walk between your breaks or after a meal on your office premises. This will regulate your blood sugar levels and reduce your risk of developing diabetes signaficantly.

Most Effective Diabetes prevention measures |Diabetes prevention |Diabetes prevention type 2
Don’t smoke

People who smoke regularly they double their risk of developing diabetes. Only if you quit this habit will other changes be able to fully affect your health.

Stop alcohol consumption

People who drink a lot of alcohol tend to gain weight faster. Obesity also increases the risk of diabetes significantly. If you have prediabetes, alcohol can cause early diabetes by causing an increase in blood sugar.

Get enough sleep

A good sleep at night of at least 7-8 hours  is very important. Adequate sleep will keep your energy levels high during the day, as well as help reduce your craving for high calorie foods.

Stress management

The more stress you take, the more you will follow unhealthy habits. Studies show that stress hormones alter blood sugar levels and directly increase your risk of diabetes. To reduce your stress levels, practice meditation, yoga, listening to music, do any activity that will keep you stress free and happy.

Regular health check-ups

There is no evidence that diabetes can be prevented forever as of now. As you grow older, your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and other health problems associated with diabetes also increases rapidly. Therefore, after the age of 47, it is important to have regular health check-ups every year.

These are some Diabetes prevention measures for diabetes .


Hope the information we provided about Diabetes prevention measures is relevant to you.

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